Upon employment by Brunel, Paul reviewed their life safety systems and relevant life risks within buildings to effectively reduce their false alarms by 50% in two years from 962 to 450 per year. Further designs utilising cutting edge technology and management initiatives offered the potential to reduce that level by a further 50%
During his time at Brunel, Paul undertook the completion and review of over 100 fire risk assessments across university premises.
Paul also took an indoor running track and designed the fire safety strategy and management document to allow the building to be transformed into an indoor arena for graduation ceremonies (holding 1500 persons, as well as providing a summer ball venue for up to 3000 students) – a use that was never imagined at the original design stage.
On top of this, Paul was on the design team for the planning and erection of a new building to house two industrial furnaces operating at upwards of 2000oc for research into alloy metal development on behalf of Jaguar/Land Rover.