It’s an undeniable fact that the UK population is living longer with local authorities estimating a 75% increase in the 65 and over population between 2012 and 2037 and a staggering 277% increase in the 90 plus population for the same time period. Yet the facilities and funding available for the care and welfare of this population is not increasing at the same rate, placing more burden on already overstretched care facilities.

However it’s also undeniable that good fire prevention practices are essential for this sector. The inquiry into the Rose Park Care Home fire announced that some, if not all, of the 14 deaths might have been avoided if a proper risk assessment had been carried out and the findings acted on. Subsequently local Fire and Rescue Services are increasing their monitoring, auditing and enforcement in regards to care homes across the UK, which was recently demonstrated by the London Fire Brigade’s successful prosecution of another care home. (

As populations increase in age, the mobility of many care home residents reduces. Therefore it’s essential that the building design, life safety systems and management measures are in place to reduce the risk of fire and ensure a safe evacuation. You will also need these to be robust and effective enough to ensure a successful outcome in the event of an audit by the local Fire and Rescue Services under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Freya Comprehensive Fire Services (FCFS) is in an advantageous position whereby we have the experience and knowledge to carry out a fire safety audit (not just a fire risk assessment) of your current systems and procedures to the same professional level as the London Fire Brigade. Added with our ability to offer impartial guidance on areas for improvement, this combination allows you to develop a strong understanding of any potential weaknesses and to receive support in developing them.

FCFS was created to provide first-class fire safety services at competitive prices.  It is headed by Paul Brown  who comes with over twelve years of experience in fire legislation enforcement with the London Fire Brigade, including the oversight of over 50 care homes, two major London hospitals and 20 other residential care facilities.

By offering a single engineer capable of handling and understanding all aspects of fire safety within a building, we are able to provide organisations with a cost effective and supportive service from inception to completion.