Fire Safety Audits ensure a robust approach is being taken by the legally Responsible Person within their premises and demonstrates whether their approach will suitably comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO).

This is achieved by a competent professional examining the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed, along with its legal compliance.  As part of the audit process we would inspect the following documents and compliance evidence (which is then followed by a visual examination of the premises):

  • Suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment, including details of the significant findings
  • Fire Safety Policy and/or Management Plan
  • Emergency evacuation plan and fire drill records
  • Staff fire safety training records (induction/ refresher/ fire extinguishers)
  • Fire alarm system test records by management and competent engineer
  • Weekly testing of the fire alarm system
  • Emergency lighting system test records by management and competent engineer
  • Weekly or monthly testing of the emergency lighting
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment test records by a competent person
  • Weekly or monthly visual inspections of the portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Maintenance records of any other life safety systems specific to the premises
  • Weekly inspections of the escape routes and final exit doors
  • Fire compartmentation plans and survey inspection records (where applicable)
  • Fixed electrical wiring test record for the building by a competent person
  • Portable Appliance Test (PAT) records for electrical equipment by a competent person.

NOTE: The above list is not exhaustive and other information may be required depending on the nature of the premises and/or the activities being conducted. 

Following the site visit, a report is provided identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the fire safety management within the premises, as well as outlining recommendations to develop the approach to fire safety.

To ensure you have the most relevant advisors, Freya Comprehensive Fire Solutions employ former Fire and Rescue Services enforcement officers to carry out their audits.   This service helps ensure your ultimate approach will aptly mimic an audit by the Authorities (whilst also giving you a feel for what to expect should local authorities arrive for a formal visit).